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When she broke up with him, he shot her

In 1987, a good friend of mine moved to Florida with her boyfriend. After being there a while, she decided to break up with him because he was becoming possessive and abusive. When she broke up with him, he shot her and then killed himself. Before he did that, he told her that if he could not have her, nobody else would, either. 

The link provided is for a pdf of a newspaper article where the information is. I could not find the actual articles as it has been too long. I cannot believe that so many years later, these are still issues that we face as women mostly because we are continuously ignored or brushed off when we report abusive behavior.


Janel Tupuola, beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend

Janel Tupuola, born and raised in Kailua, HI, was a beloved mother of five children, who had left an abusive relationship.  She was turning her life around, attending church, reconciling with her husband, but her killer ex stalked her, waiting for her at her babysitter’s house.  When she saw his car, she sped away, but he followed and rammed her car.  Then he beat her to death with a shotgun in front of witnesses—one tried to intervene and was sent to the hospital.


This morning on twitter

This morning on twitter

Woman Gets Eyes Stabbed Out by Angry Ex-Boyfriend

She said Mohandie and the 21-year-old victim met about a year ago and started dating.

They eventually called it quits, Antonietti said. But Mohandie kept calling and calling.

On Wednesday morning the two agreed to meet, Antonietti said. They were in the lobby of the victim’s Rogers Park apartment building in the 1600 block of West Touhy Avenue when they began arguing

The argument got physical, Antonietti said.

The victim took hold of the handle of a knife she had hidden in her purse, and Mohandie pulled out a canister of pepper spray.

The pepper spray “went off,” Antonietti said, spraying the victim in the mouth.

Mohandie’s anger mounted, and he grabbed the victim’s knife, holding it so the handle was inside his closed fist and the blade protruded between two of his fingers, Antonietti said.

He started punching the victim, striking her with the blade, Antonietti said. He stabbed the victim approximately 10 times, blinding her, severing the tendons in both wrists and lacerating an artery in her leg.


Woman strangled to death for refusing sex to a man at a party

This happened to my neighbour when I lived in Edmonton, Canada; it would have been about 2001-2005.  She was young, about 19 or so, and at a party.  A man asked her for sex and she refused.  He strangled her to death, dumped her body in a dumpster, and set the dumpster on fire.  

Man throws acid in ex's face to 'win her back' →

Xian, Shaanxi, China

The victim, surnamed Zhang, suffered secondary chemical burns to her right eye and multiple scars to her face. 

Their fatal attraction began when Zhang met Wang in August last year and he quickly proposed marriage. 

After refusing his proposal, Wang lashed back with a series of vindictive and violent attacks aiming to disfigure Zhang.

He grabbed my arm, punched me, and spat in my face.

When I was 17, my boyfriend’s friend walked in on me and my boyfriend having sex. He just stood there and kept looking at me naked and we were yelling for him to leave/ get out. Eventually he left but not before ogling me in a very violating way.

Later that night he cornered me and tried to kiss me / proposition me. I asked him to leave me alone and tried to walk away. 

He grabbed my arm, punched me and spat in my face.

Woman set on fire in Sydney for rejecting man's advances →

A teenager set a woman alight as she walked to work, after being forced by his older cousin to do so. The cousin met the woman through her job as a sex worker, and became infatuated with her. When she rejected his attempts to take the relationship from the professional to the personal, he began planning the attack.

She suffered burns to 45 per cent of her body on March 22, 2012, when the teenager forced her to the ground, doused her with a milk carton full of petrol, and then set her alight as she tried to flee.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/chippendale-victim-storms-out-of-court-as-teen-jailed-for-setting-her-alight-in-alley-20140818-105b4m.html#ixzz3C7XQwWqR

He almost got custody after caving in moms skull!

My husband was heading over to help his cousin move out of the house she shared with her husband and their 5 year old daughter.
Before he arrived the soon to be ex attacked her with his golf club ( the daughter was down the street with a neighbor during the move) caving in the side of her skull. My husband arrived to find the neighbors had heard the screams, watched her husband calmly walk away to collect,his daughter, leaving Tiffany where she lay. ( the arrival of the police stopped the ex from collecting his daughter. He just calmly told the cops that “she was planning on leaving and taking my daughter and I told her no, but she wouldn’t listen”)
Tiffany suffered permanent brain damage and has had to live with her parents and healthcare assistance ever since. The ex actually petitioned for custody based on her inability to care for their daughter!

Refused by ex, man throws her dog out a window to its death

"Police said Rabourn left a threatening message on Ervie’s phone before he broke into her apartment.

“I’m about to f—- your life up forever,” Rabourn allegedly told Ervie in the voicemail.

“It hurts,’ a tearful Debbie Ervie said. “I just want to hold him one more time and tell him it wasn’t his fault.”

Debbie Ervie said her daughter was too distraught to talk but she’s grateful Gabriel wasn’t home when Rabourn broke in late on Saturday night.

“I really have to count my blessings that she wasn’t there, because this might be a different scenario,” Debbie Ervie said.

The 23-year-old Rabourn allegedly kicked down Gabriel Ervie’s apartment door, where a neighbor saw him grab her maltipoo puppy and throw the dog over his head out a hallway window. Radbourn then fled the scene, the witness told police.”