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He almost got custody after caving in moms skull!

My husband was heading over to help his cousin move out of the house she shared with her husband and their 5 year old daughter.
Before he arrived the soon to be ex attacked her with his golf club ( the daughter was down the street with a neighbor during the move) caving in the side of her skull. My husband arrived to find the neighbors had heard the screams, watched her husband calmly walk away to collect,his daughter, leaving Tiffany where she lay. ( the arrival of the police stopped the ex from collecting his daughter. He just calmly told the cops that “she was planning on leaving and taking my daughter and I told her no, but she wouldn’t listen”)
Tiffany suffered permanent brain damage and has had to live with her parents and healthcare assistance ever since. The ex actually petitioned for custody based on her inability to care for their daughter!

Refused by ex, man throws her dog out a window to its death

"Police said Rabourn left a threatening message on Ervie’s phone before he broke into her apartment.

“I’m about to f—- your life up forever,” Rabourn allegedly told Ervie in the voicemail.

“It hurts,’ a tearful Debbie Ervie said. “I just want to hold him one more time and tell him it wasn’t his fault.”

Debbie Ervie said her daughter was too distraught to talk but she’s grateful Gabriel wasn’t home when Rabourn broke in late on Saturday night.

“I really have to count my blessings that she wasn’t there, because this might be a different scenario,” Debbie Ervie said.

The 23-year-old Rabourn allegedly kicked down Gabriel Ervie’s apartment door, where a neighbor saw him grab her maltipoo puppy and throw the dog over his head out a hallway window. Radbourn then fled the scene, the witness told police.”


It just keeps happening.

I remember as a young woman that a friend was with his wife to visit her mother who was recently estranged from her husband. The husband came in shot his wife then her daughter and then my friend. He survived but lost site in one eye, their child was staying elsewhere or it might have been worse. It was all because a woman wouldn’t go back to a violent relationship.

Man tries to run over wife who wanted divorce →

I’ve been following this story for a couple weeks. It basically boils down to this: entitled manchild tries to run down his wife because she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, then can’t face the legal ramifications of his entitled rage spree and so runs to Vegas (because that’s where most people go after committing violent crimes, right?) Ugh. 

Follow up:

"The victim was his wife, who had filed for divorce and had a Family Violence Protection Act order against him after an incident on June 25, according to the police affidavit filed with the court.

On June 30, Webb was served with the divorce papers at his workplace, and a co-worker told police that Webb had been crying and left work early. Later, Webb drove his maroon Honda Ridgeline and saw his wife driving near the Second and Walsh streets. Soon thereafter, he was traveling west on East 12th St., approaching Payne Avenue when he saw her vehicle, jumped the curb and into the lawn in the 2900 block of East 12th St., hit her vehicle and rendered it inoperable. She had to leap out of the way to avoid being hit.

Webb rounded the block and drove onto the lawn again, nearly hitting a person who lived there and again tried to hit his wife. The resident took her inside for protection.”

Yes, ALL women - be it Eight or forty-two years old.

When I was eight, mom’s best friend (who was also my Live-In nanny at the time) began dating a man who frightened me from the moment we met.

He would insist on my (literally) bowing to him when he entered the room, get me to cook and clean for me, was always asking if I was being a “good girl” and if he got the chance - would force tight hugs (lasting 30+ seconds) and keep his hands on me when no one else was around.

After many months of pleading to my mom (who didn’t believe me) about how dangerous and scary he was, she finally stood behind me and told her friend to keep him out of our house.

One afternoon, he wouldn’t let me walk away (after I had the nerve to refuse him his daily “embrace of respect”). He grabbed my wrist, twisted my arm behind my back bringing me to my knees and slammed me into the wall. 

The boyfriend (or my mom) couldn’t deny the bruising and swelling on my wrist and forearm.

Because she lived with and was employed by us - my mom’s friend eventually broke up with him. It took a couple weeks, as she still couldn’t believe “Her Man” would do such a thing.

Five years later, he was married but separated. His wife had left him due to the abuse and the police offered no help. They wouldn’t charge him or issue the restraining order she spent days begging them for. 

Late at night, he showed up at her door with a handgun and he shot out her knees when she turned and tried to run from him. After taking her life, he turned the gun on himself.

Twelve years after reading that local news headline, my stomach still turns and my heart still aches for that poor woman who had no idea what she was getting into - until it was too late.

Yes, ALL women - be it Eight or forty-two years old.

Gun returned to killer of Sheena Henderson one day before killing

"Deputies with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office contacted Christopher P. Henderson, 37, hours before he shot and killed [Sheena Henderson] at the Rockwood Cancer Treatment Center at Deaconess Hospital. Henderson also received his firearm from authorities the day before the deadly shooting.

Henderson also shot and killed himself on Tuesday.

Deputies contacted Henderson before the shooting because he had made suicidal threats. He was overheard saying “my wife left, I have nothing to live for,” according to authorities.

Authorities said Henderson and his wife, Sheena M. Henderson, had no history of domestic violence. However, authorities said Sheena was trying to obtain a restraining order before her death.

In May, officers with the Spokane Police Department took a gun from Henderson following a call from his wife. Sheena said her husband was suicidal and threatening suicide by cop according to authorities. Authorities found Henderson in his vehicle and he was armed. They took his weapon and booked it into SPD’s property facility. Henderson was hospitalized following the issue but was released three hours later according to law enforcement.

Henderson received his gun back on July 7.”


Because he couldn’t have her

When I was a TA in graduate school, a former student broke things off with her boyfriend. Shortly after she began dating someone else, the first guy broke into her place, incapacitated the current boyfriend by stabbing, beat her, threw her against the wall, and cut her throat so ferociously that he virtually decapitated her. Because he couldn’t have her.

Police: Couple in Jackson Twp. murder-suicide were divorcing →

“Police said a couple who died in an apparent murder-suicide were getting a divorce and had been living apart.

State police said the couple’s 18-year-old son found the bodies of 52-year-old Jeffrey Miller and 47-year-old Dana Miller in their Jackson Township home. Dana Miller had been living in nearby Cranberry Township during their separation.

According to police, Dana Miller had been shot several times before her estranged husband fatally shot himself. Their bodies were discovered about 5:40 p.m. Wednesday.”

When I refused

When I refused, a man I thought was a friend took control of my body and anally raped me. 

It happened with a guy I had hung out with a few times before, and we both seemed interested in each other.  We got together to watch a movie and started making out, and then things started to move towards having sex.  When I asked him to use a condom if we were going any further, he complained and said condoms desensitized him.  When I refused to have sex without using a condom, he flipped me over and anally raped me and told me I shouldn’t worry because I couldn’t get pregnant that way.

When I asked him to stop, he said it wasn’t a big deal, that he would cum and it would be over soon, and that it had to feel good, right?  It didn’t.  I continued to ask him to stop, which he eventually did when I was loud enough for his housemate to hear. It took the potential of me embarrassing him in front of his housemate for him to stop- my initial refusal and earlier asks to stop were not enough. 

At first, I had trouble even admitting that this was rape.  I was in denial and wanted to believe it was just a hook up gone badly.  After all, I went over to his house.  I drank a beer and smoked a bit of pot with him.  I willingly made out with him and messed around. I was down to have sex with him.  But, when I said, wait, let’s use a condom, and he didn’t listen, took control, and continued to penetrate me when I asked him to stop, it was no longer a hook up.  That is when it became rape. 

I am a 27 year old woman, and this was one of the TWO different times that I have been raped by TWO different men I knew. I didn’t report either one because I am afraid no one would believe me or that they would think it was my fault and I asked for it.  #yesallwomen

Delia Gonzalez and Agustin Oliver murdered by Gonzalez's estranged husband →

He also had a history of domestic violence: http://wishtv.com/2014/08/08/criminal-history-revealed-on-monticello-shooter/

Israel Rogel, 42, of Wolcott was identified as the shooter. Rogel came to Jordan Manufacturing Co. Inc., a furniture manufacturer on the south side of Monticello, on Tuesday morning, looking for Delia Gonzalez, 43, of Monon. Gonzalez was identified by police as Rogel’s “soon to be ex-wife.”

Gonzalez, who was employed at the plant, had left the premises, during a break, with 42-year-old Agustin Oliver of Logansport. Oliver was identified by police as a friend and co-worker of Gonzalez.

As Rogel waited outside the factory, Gonzalez and Oliver drove into the factory’s parking lot. Rogel approached the passenger side of the car and shot Oliver, who was in the driver’s seat, and then Gonzalez before shooting himself, White County Sheriff Patrick Shafer said Wednesday in a statement.

Autopsies were performed Wednesday morning; all three died of gunshot wounds.