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This beautiful queen and mother of three murdered for saying no

*Apparently, the word “No,” is a sore spot for some men when they don’t succeed in getting a woman’s phone number.

Detroit police arrested a man who did not take it well when a woman rejected his advances at an event over the past weekend. Instead of moving along, he shot and killed the woman, and five other people were injured in the process.

Read more at http://www.eurweb.com/2014/10/man-shoots-kills-woman-because-she-wouldnt-give-him-her-number/#eV5vH1t3bK13fefp.99

He took my dreams, my feeling of safety, my family ties, my trust

I was in college and had gotten myself a new apartment. I was trying very hard just to make it through and get my degree and it isn’t easy when you are born below the poverty line, on your own, and you find out financial aid isn’t worth a lot.

I met a guy who seemed so nice and caring. We had everything in common and everything just fell into place perfectly. So at some point he moved in. And after a few months everything started to show through. He quit working or even looking for work. He demanded after i got back from school that I make him food and clean because it was my job.

He started following me around campus which almost cost me my job. I was the main name on the lease and only working maybe twelve hours a week on the work-study program. I had a meager savings of about two grand I had done everything for, from eating the cheapest things out there, thrift storing everything, working a few extra hours when it was offered. It all got spent, and he acted like he was entitled to it. I had to leave school, my dream. I got a job at a convenience store I could walk to because I didn’t have a car. I worked at night and I soon found out he would take my debit card and my phone during the day. He ran my phone minutes up so much for four months straight and I didn’t know because it was a family plan with my aunt and uncle so I could afford the luxury of a phone. Twenty five dollars was a lot.

I suddenly owed them close to three grand. My bank account was empty. When I confronted him about it he said it was my problem and not his. I also at this time was walking to a guy friend’s house who was very sick so someone could check on him, which brought this guys anger to so much of a boil I was afraid for my safety. But I refused to back down from helping people I cared about. He would follow me there too. A month or so went by, I stayed away as much as possible, by that time I had sank into a deep depression not knowing what to do. I wanted so bad to be able to handle things on my own, I called my landlord and tried to get him removed but he wouldn’t return a single call from the beginning of the month to the end and at the end the lease was up.

Close to the end of the month after I came home, and he had suddenly got a job just behind the apartment complex a week before. He told me “you know, if you ever try to leave me, I’ll destroy you and everything you care about” just as calmly as he was talking about the weather. That is what set off every alarm. My landlord still wouldn’t return my calls, the police said i couldn’t file a restraining order because he hadn’t abused me. I called my mom and she came and got me. Whatever i could pack into her cherokee is what I took. At that point I was so beaten all I cared about was my cat. I wanted to leave because I was afraid he would come back early. But my mom talked me into taking a lot more. I bawled the whole way home. I left my laptop I had saved for for college because when it had trouble and I went to get it fixed they found a keylogger on it. He was tracking me online.

When I got home he called me, threatening me, then he said he was going to kill himself. I was a wreck but my mom took charge and called the police who sent a cruiser over there. He then called back saying he would hurt my family; steal or kill my cat. He then hacked my email, my Facebook, somehow my bank stuff which he didn’t know the passwords too. I am guessing that is where the keylogger came into play. It took me awhile to get that back. For months he would show up from three counties away to walk by my parents home in the middle of the night as I cowered behind the door, the dogs going crazy because it was so desolate out there. I would hold the knob because I was afraid he would bust through the door. He had to have walked because he didn’t have a car.

Sometimes I was afraid he was staying in the woods around the farm. Sometimes he got brave enough to come up with flowers, which I tossed. During this time someone tried to get through the basement as well. Nobody lives out that way let alone walks around in the night. I began checking all the locks and the windows every hour during the night. I sat in terror with a baseball bat when it was too hot to keep the windows open curled up beside the window with one eyes peering between the curtains.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I would call the police but they never came. Despite texts, emails, the hacking, the threats the stalking, I was still told I couldn’t get a restraining order. He even would show up at my friend’s houses trying to see if i was there acting all sweet. They had no clue because I didn’t tell anyone and dropped off the social map for a long time. Eventually he started dating someone else who he did similar things to. Still now, he will try to send me messages and he tries to act all sweet. I am still terrified of him.

One reason I am afraid of going back to school is I see him around town still and at least in the car i managed to get I feel like I am safer at getting away. He took my dreams, my feeling of safety, my family ties, my trust. I always think of what could have happened if I had stayed, if I didn’t have anyone to run to, or if my family hadn’t protected me so much. It could have been so much worse. I feel like out of everything I was lucky.

It “made him feel like less of a man when I said ‘no.’”

My first boyfriend was my world. After about a year of dating he became very possessive. The first time I refused his sexual advances, he sat against a wall and slammed his head against it. He kept trying to make me feel badly telling me that he “had been waiting all day to touch me” and it “made him feel like less of a man when I said ‘no.’” The second time he pushed me. He grabbed the sides of my arms and pushed me towards the room. The last time this happened, he called me a “stupid fucking bitch” when I told him I was too tired. Right then and there I left and moved out.

Man Beats Girlfriend After Dreaming She Cheated →

The woman accused Gascon of choking her, pouring hot coffee on her, cutting the back of her leg with a knife, and threatening to kill her while holding a knife to her throat. Gascon also allegedly picked her up and slammed her down on a glass table, breaking it.

Gascon’s girlfriend also alleges that he picked up his dog, slammed it on the ground and put his foot on the dog’s neck.

Read more: http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Keys-Man-Beat-Girlfriend-After-Dreaming-She-Cheated-on-Him-270614721.html#ixzz3A3CFSUE2 

Man Kills His Wife And Is Then Chased And Run Over By His Son In Soure

Woman wanted the divorce and got a house for herself to escape the abuse she suffered. Her husband went after her and cut her throat and stabbed her.

News in portuguese: http://www.publico.pt/politica/noticia/homem-mata-mulher-e-e-depois-atropelado-pelo-filho-em-soure-1659752

Gay Bashing

I was on the commuter rail and a man told me I was pretty and asked for my phone number. I responded with my usual “I’m flattered but I am a lesbian.” Normally this is where men get all embarrassed and walk away or switch their body language to platonic but this guy started yelling at me and said I needed a “good deep dicking to knock some sense loose.” I told him that I was confused and thought we were in 2014 right now. That set him off for some reason and he tried to punch me but sadly this was not my first time at the rodeo. I grabbed his fist and threw him in the aisle and began to beat his face in. He got thrown off the train and I got moved to a different car for privacy. 

A group of us were out in town and we’d all had far too much to drink. I lost track of one of my friends and we started looking for her, but people we asked just laughed it off and either said she was probably throwing up in a bathroom somewhere or would have gone home with some guy. I found her in a parking lot with a man trying to take her pants off. She was crying; he was speaking to her quietly. The one thing I heard clearly was “I won’t come if you don’t want me to”.  I screamed. He jumped away from her and told me he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was being nice to her and if it wasn’t him it would be someone else who would beat her up and probably kill her. I told him I’d call the police. He said they wouldn’t do anything because he hadn’t done anything she didn’t want, but then he ran.

Afterwards, my friend said he’d seen her alone in the bar (she’d left to go to the bathroom without telling any of us) and just taken her arm and steered her outside. She wouldn’t let me call the police; she said it was her fault for going with him and for being too scared to fight him instead of just saying no.

Mary Spears killed for rejecting man’s advances

Police say a man shot and killed a woman after she rejected his advances at an event in Detroit over the weekend. Five people were also injured during the incident.

Mary Spears, 27, was at the American Legion Joe Louis Post No. 375 on the east side of Detroit when the 38-year-old suspect allegedly approached her and began talking to her, according to WDIV.

When the suspect asked for her number, Spears, whose fiancé was also at the event, told him she was already involved with someone, WJBK reports. The suspect, however, continued harassing her, family members told the station.

Police said security took the man out of the club through the back door and escorted him to the front. After a fight broke out, the suspect allegedly took out a handgun and began shooting, killing Spears around 2 a.m. Sunday.

I said no hundreds of times and they were all ignored until five men had to say no for me

For two and a half years, I suffered emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of a high school classmate and teammate who I thought I loved. It was especially thrilling because there was a no-dating-rule on our team and the whole rebellion thing made me like him all the more. From the beginning it was clear that he wanted control and power over me and though I initially resisted, I found it much easier to just submit to his need to control me. Especially after he thought I was flirting with another guy and called me a whore in front of a full class, including the teacher. Who did nothing, even as he gripped my arm and tried to drag me away from my friends. 

But the terrible part was how he would always reassure me of his affections and try to draw out the same from me. But he didn’t mean “I love you”. He was always hounding me for sex and as I wanted to wait til marriage, it always caused arguments. he would then sleep with other girls and tell me what he did in explicit detail just to watch me hurt.

After about a year, I decided I was going to ignore it. It wasn’t worth it anymore. When I told him, he was so angry and became terrifyingly unbalanced. I turned off my phone and deleted my Facebook for a while because of the constant influx of messages, both threats on my life and appeals for my forgiveness. I was so scared, I made up a boyfriend in an attempt to throw him off. When he threatened to kill my imaginary BF, I gave up. I was able to avoid him for all of three weeks of summer before having to see him again in school.

Then, the horror started again. Since he was able to be near me again, I was drawn in and he had control. I was a nervous wreck because I knew I didn’t love him the way you’re supposed to love a person and he certainly didn’t either. It was fear, agitation, and many other things that made me sick to be near him but not enough to think it was worth it to try and break away again.

That is, until he started sending me texts detailing explicit acts he wanted to perform on me, whether I was willing or not. And that was when I knew that the only way to protect myself was to end it and cut off all ties. Even though it jeapordized my varsity position on my team. The police were called in to investigate as well as school administrators. They told the guy that I was serving a restraining order and if he so much as looked at me, that the sexual harassment suit would be taken. I thought I would feel relieved. But I didn’t. My coach called me in and told me that I was suspended from the team because I had broken school rules by using a phone in class and that I must have been asking for it if I’d been texting him. Besides, he didn’t actually rape me (though he implied he would) so she didn’t see what the big deal was. My team was mad at me because the guy was important in our team’s drive for state. If I had just fucked him or just dealt with it, he wouldn’t be suspended. The rest of the school took it as a joke and he was able to use this as a vector for indirect harassment.

I said no hundreds of times and they were all ignored until five men had to say no for me. But by then, I was already dealing with anxiety and depression, marks he had already laid into my mind.

Mary Spears, 27 years old →

"Police say a man shot and killed a woman after she rejected his advances at an event in Detroit over the weekend. Five people were also injured during the incident."